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A message from Kristen:

Become present. Beyond wellness into wholeness, beyond ideas into inspiration.

Move beyond what you were taught, to choose who you will become.

Training and Tools for ...

Kristen Eykel’s Tools for Transformation: Planning for Success – A Six Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help You Recreate Your Life, Set Your Goals & Manifest Your Intentions is a self-help journey unlike any other. Kristen Eykel combines the 5,000-year-old science of Yoga, with a daily mindfulness & journaling practice, to guide you to understand where your stumbling blocks are, and more importantly, how to remove them. Humans are creatures of habit. These habits serve to keep you safe and help you to survive. However, these same habits can also undermine the goals you wish to achieve by preventing you from moving out of your comfort zone and creating the life you desire.

Utilizing the Yogic discipline of Sadhana, a 40 Day Meditation, this 6-week program draws upon Mudra, Mantra & Meditation, combined with Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy techniques to generate new patterns in your brain and thinking, which ultimately lead you to understand yourself and your deepest motivations with greater clarity. You begin by setting a goal that is important for you to achieve. Throughout the next 6 weeks, you discover yourself within this practice as you move towards that goal. Weekly self-review allows you to ultimately realize what may be even more important to you than your starting point revealed.

Simple, yet powerful, Kristen’s techniques will challenge you to think and feel deeper, with more clarity and perspective. Each time you go through this process, you will arrive at a new destination, with greater insight and a richer understanding than you ever had before. Join Kristen Eykel online for 6 Weeks to Success, the companion course to this manual, and grow in community with others who share this dedication to self-mastery & the joyous manifestation of success.

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