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Tools & Techniques for Living Life on Purpose

Are you ready to change your life?

  • The world you knew no longer fits.
  • The energy of others impacts you deeply.
  • People or things that had been important, no longer are.
  • Your priorities are shifting, 
  • You want your life to be filled with meaning…. 

Whatever brought you here, welcome! I am honored to share my 30+ years of unique training with you. North & South American Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga , Usui/Holy Fire lll/Karuna Reiki, Pregnancy & Yoga for Labor and Master Hypnotherapy techniques combine to support the spiritual evolution required to help you keep up with the growing demands occurring everywhere today.

As well, learn practical certification in techniques like Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy to expand beyond your perceived limitations & outmoded beliefs. You are here to be of service to others!  You may already be a healer, coach or teacher, or you may be curious to learn how adding Reiki, Meditation and Hypnotherapy techniques will help you on your own path of self-discovery.

Practical support is required to maintain balance within the higher states of consciousness  that are shifting everything you previously knew as you are being shaken awake to your next level of Awareness. The excellent news is that you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide are awakening now to new insight, solutions, knowing and awareness. 

I am honored to be of service to your journey, and to help you discover that you are here on purpose, for purpose and with purpose at this time. My own journey has taken me around the world with my teachers, so that I can help to guide yours exactly where you are. It is a privilege to share these trainings, courses, techniques and private sessions with you. Connect here now.

Many blessings, thank you & sat nam.

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