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A message from Kristen:

What is Awesomeness Training?

Becoming Unapologetically Awesome means to claim who you really are, know what you really want, & learn how to manifest it now to create alignment from your spirit with everything in your life.

Kristen Eykel’s  Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana Into Awareness is for yogis and spiritual seekers with a commitment to self-help and a dedication to experiencing the fulfillment of the life that they desire. This program gives you the keys to unlock the awareness that you are the creator of your entire life. Yoga for Transformation shares the tools that access the Creator within you.

What has prevented you from living your most awesome life so far? Have fears of not  being good enough stopped you? Do you think you need to know more? Do you procrastinate or make yourself so busy that you don’t have time to follow your dreams?

How do you access YOU when life and work and family pull you in different directions? Do you want to change all that?

I will show you how.

I’ve created a system – a potent combination of yoga and hypnotherapy techniques combined to awaken awareness in your life, so that you become the creator of it. Specific, layered affirmations with yoga mudra, breath, meditations, and a journaling practice combined every day for 42 days. Overcome bad habits, unlock feelings of possibility, release beliefs of lack or limitation, and awaken your knowing of what truly matters most in your life – YOU.

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