Yoga For Labor Training

The insights that I’ve discovered around the physical, mental and spiritual practice of Labor, combined with my unique set of trainings in the past 25 years, have made me the go-to Pre, Post & Pregnancy/ Labor Guru Goddess of today. I combine my talents, training & expertise as a Birth Doula, Yoga Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher to create books, videos, trainings & coaching to support women worldwide.

“Birthing a child also births an aspect of ourselves.
This is a journey of Initiation unlike any other.” – Kristen Eykel CHt.

For Prenatal Caregivers, Yoga Teachers, Doulas & Women who want to learn much more about her own Pregnancy and Labor.

Yoga for Labor ™ is not simply a modification of Asana, it is a complete body, mind, spiritual development practice that creates the circumstances for best labor & delivery outcomes for both mother and baby.

Yoga for Labor
$1599 85hr Yoga Alliance Guidelines Course

Next Training: 4 weekends- April 7-29th, 2018

Kristen Eykel, Yoga Pregnancy, Training, Meditation, Reiki, Birth Doula
What is Yoga for Labor ™ and why does it matter?

Yoga for Labor is my own trademarked synthesis of Hatha and Kundalini asana, (or postures) specifically designed to support a mother’s changing body in pregnancy and to prepare her for the work of labor. Most pregnancy yoga classes are either too strenuous for the average woman or are downright counter-productive for labor. Just because you can do a posture, doesn’t mean you should do that posture! Many teachers of pregnancy yoga have either never been pregnant, or have had challenges in labor as a result of the very work that they have spent years cultivating.

Look, I LOVE yoga and anyone who teaches yoga gets a gold star from me because it is a serious blessing to our planet. But let’s face it, Pregnancy and Labor are specific conditions in a woman’s life – just as specific as preparing for a marathon. I mean really, would you want your average school gym coach to train you for the Boston Marathon? Or would you search out the best running coach you could find for your best outcomes?

The time of pregnancy is one of the most marked periods of personal transformation in a woman’s life. Not simply because she is having a child or two, but because her concepts of herself as a woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, confidant and creator are evolving as well. More women choose to begin a yoga practice during pregnancy over any other time. The practice of Yoga during pregnancy has long been established as a safe and effective mechanism for mental, emotional and physical stability by doctors, midwives and other maternal healthcare practitioners worldwide. I take this work even further into my teachings of Yoga for Labor.

My own experience with this power during pregnancy led to 2 incredible home births that were unlike anything I had ever heard of before. This sparked a curiosity and drive within me to not only learn more but to apply what I had learned to teach others. After all, I am not magic, and if I could have labors that were unheard of, then other women could too.

Because I am so deeply committed to mothers worldwide understanding themselves & the power naturally within, I’ve created LIVE online trainings to create new teachers of Transformational Birth – Yoga for Labor ™.
  • Create physical, emotional & spiritual self awareness during pregnancy.

  • Amplify the sense of knowing , a beneficial tool for better labors and outcomes.

  • Support the transition into motherhood, by preventing both pre-pregnancy traumas & postpartum crashes.
  • Learn postures most beneficial for pain relief during Pregnancy and support a productive Labor
Kristen Eykel, Yoga Pregnancy, Training, Meditation, Reiki, Birth Doula
Kristen Eykel, Yoga Pregnancy, Training, Meditation, Reiki, Birth Doula
What You Will Learn

This 85-hour training course goes beyond the physical postures to give you a deeper awareness into the emotional and mental support that you  & your clients deserve.

  • Kristen’s training manual- Transformational BirthYoga for Labor Book of Postures
  • Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief and Labor Support
  • Understanding the differences for Home vs Hospital Birth clients
  • Support for Mothers of Mulitplles
  • Discussions & lectures with guest birth professional speakers.
  • Learn about psychological support for Sexual or Birth Trauma, PTSD, hormonal imbalances, Depression or other emotional disturbances.
  • Understand special circumstances ie: Fertility treatments, Cesarean and V-Backs, Placenta Encapsulation, and more.