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You are ready for Change!

It is time to wake up to new truth. Your life must work on whole new levels and you need support to manifest it now. You may have thought that online therapy sessions were in some way less effective, as if you couldn’t be really seen. What if our online therapy session wasn’t about me seeing you, what if it were about you seeing you?

I have synthesized a program of results-based work combining techniques from Shamanism, Reiki Healing and Hypnotherapy, called The Alternate Timeline Technique. This practice gets to the root of your stress and anxiety, quickly addressing imbalance, and creating true breakthroughs to occur within you that change everything around you. Yes – even in an online therapy healing session.

Of course you may have avoided real healing before, because it sounds like work, especially if you carry traumas from the past.

Who wants to experience that again? Instead, imagine a “Soul Spa” experience which guides you to become deeply relaxed. Reiki Healing and energy work deepen this profound relaxation, giving you the pleasurable feelings of melting out of the body. This in and of itself is a powerful journey, but you then experience this natural feeling on a very deep psycho-spiritual level as well, guiding you to release forever the traumas and fears of your past that you have carried into your present.

Together, we discover that you already KNOW what you need, but have talked yourself out of it for some reason, or made excuses for your power. It’s crazy seeming that anyone would ever purposefully diminish themselves, but we all do it every single day. Once you understand this, it’s the most natural thing in the world to simply let it go.

When you learn to acknowledge yourself and honor what you truly need from your core level, healing begins, and shifts occurs in your outer life that you could never anticipate!

The trick comes down to truly accepting yourself, relaxing your fears of being accepted by others, and realizing that the limitations that plagued you, are truly learning opportunities that can springboard you to your next level. Once you get this, you discover a new life that  matters in ways you never anticipated. You Awaken consciously.

The amazing thing that happens, is that as you shift, you become aware that everything in your life also shifts like magic.

  • Marriage & intimacy evolves
  • Relationship with your kids improves 
  • Career & creative challenges diminish
  • Your self-image and body perspective heals
  • Psychic awakening & Intuitive knowing accelerate
  • You experience more abundance in every imaginable way
  • You become strong enough to finally hold onto your blessings and receive what you always wanted.

All of these places begin to ripen into a greater state of peace and dignified satisfaction, helping you to up-level in some powerful ways that linger long after our session, and helping you to achieve more of what matters to you.

I am deeply honored to be of support for your journey and evolution as well. Schedule your free 15 minute consultation to learn more, or book a private session now.

Many blessings, thank you for your trust and sat nam- Kristen Eykel

A Master Hypnotherapist for over 30 years, I have created a few key specialized components:

Alternate Timeline Therapy or ATLT ™ is my signature practice and is far more than simply regression or “past life” work. Past life implies a linear sequence of events that my practice has revealed to be untrue. We are multidimensional beings with multiple timelines, or lifetime experiences that may be interacting simultaneously. This creates what I termed as Adhesions between these intersecting points. Adhesions can usher in great gifts as well as great challenges. By stepping into the Adhesion points, we release trapped emotions, usher in greater insights and allow for an easier experience in the present timeline awareness, including healing generational family trauma, current physical and emotional imbalances, and align with a greater sense of mission or purpose in the now.

Hypnosis for Labor – this work actually was the precursor to ATLT, and opened the way for it to become better understood. This practice is for more than simply preparation for coping with the pangs of childbirth, but it truly a deeper clearing of the mother’s mental, emotional, & energetic field which allows for a more clean transmission for the baby to be born into. Left unconscious, the mother’s experiences, including her karma, pass directly to her child and continue legacy patterns and challenges that are unnecessary burdens to both. This practice is deeply nurturing and very loving and the outcomes of mothers who have used this technique are overwhelmingly joyous and empowering for the woman and her emerging family.

Healing Individual & Group Meditation Therapies – this practice is highlighted in my 12 month Mentorship program, as well as offered through other online and in-person teaching practices. More than simply a guided meditation for relaxation, these unique journeys open you up into the Theta state  to awaken new consciousness that is unique to each participant, yet it shared by the group consciousness of all. Each member is boosted and supported, allowing each journey is deeply personal. Rapid transformation occurs, including increased manifestation abilities, emotional, mental and psychic healing and creative expansion that renews a sense of mission and design inherent with each participant.

If you are ready to go even deeper & up-level your whole life from the inside out….

Make a serious leap into an empowered life of

  • emotional freedom
  • psychic awakening
  • creative manifestation
  • spiritual alignment with your unique life path

Become Unapologetically Awesome, with Kristen Eykel’s 12 month mentorship programAwesomeness Training will completely re-create your life with Tools for Transformation that coach you to discover more of who you are in one year than you may have ever known in the decade before.

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