Reiki Certification Trainings

Usui / Karuna Reiki Holy Fire III Certification 2020 Training Dates:

All times shown are PST/ California  (check your local time zone)

SAT 2/15-16 – REIKI MASTER TEACHER Sat & Sunday 10-4pm

Sat 2/22 –  REIKI LEVEL 3/ART 10-4

Sun 2/23 – REIKI LEVEL 1 / 2 10-4

Sat 3/21 – REIKI LEVEL 1 / 2 10:30 -5

Sun 5/3  REIKI LEVEL 1 / 2 10-4

Sat 5/23 – REIKI LEVEL 3 10-4

Sat 9/19 REIKI 1/2 10-4

Sunday 9/20 REIKI 3/ ART 10-4

Sat & Sun 9/26 & 27 REIKI MASTER TEACHER Sat & Sunday 10-4pm

11/6 Evening KARUNA REIKI begins 5:30-8pm


– Sat & Sun 10-4pm


Holy Fire Reiki training is a new form of Reiki that was introduced by the ICRT. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. It is included as part of my Usui Reiki classes and has also been added to Karuna Reiki® training.

Reiki Training – Levels 1 & 2

This can be taught separately or together. The first level turns you on and the second level gives you tools to help shape and share the energy.  Even if you have had other healing practices in the past, or are a natural energy healer already. Reiki energy is specific energy. Like a G string on a guitar alongside other strings they vibrate together with other tones to harmonize beautifully, your Reiki attunement harmonizes all of your other healing abilities to make them stronger and to make the process of sharing energy much, much easier. Some energy sharing & healing practices require a great deal of personal energy to be exchanged, which is depleting for the practitioner and gives less than the ideal exchange for the intended receiver. In working with the Reiki energy, this depletion becomes instead, a sense of rejuvenation for both sender and receiver. You are not the source of the energy, you are the conduit which carries it, much like the glass that holds the water also becomes wet when filled.

Kristen Eykel, Reiki Training, Energy, Reiki Masters, Reiki Certificates, Holy Fire
Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Holy Fire III Reiki Training Level 3 (or Advanced Reiki Training)

This is taught as its own 1-day training. There are some who combine the Master Practitioner Level ( ART/ Level 3) into a Master Teacher level, but I come from the old school of teaching and was an Usui Master Teacher first before Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki was born.  I teach these levels separately in order to give you a deeper grounding in not only the energetic adjustments but also in the practice of holding space as a teacher-in-training.  You will learn 1 more symbol, and how to use it in combination with your Level 2 symbols. You also learn psychic surgery, energetic grids, and crystal work, sending and receiving healing with greater awareness, as well as continue to improve your intuitive & manifesting capabilities.

The Master Teacher Level

This is a 2-day course which allows you to attune others to the Reiki energy as an Usui Holy Fire III. Reiki Master Teacher. It is suggested to do this training at least a year after your Reiki journey has begun. That said, some students are ready to incorporate greater energies sooner than 12 months, but often there is a necessary adjustment process that allows the student to gracefully expand themselves and their Reiki practice accordingly.  Many Reiki practitioners feel a necessary “settling in” process that takes as long as it takes to complete. Daily application of self- treatments as well as regular sharing of Reiki with others speeds this process and allows for a deeper foundation in Reiki to be created.

Kristen Eykel, Reiki Training, Energy, Reiki Masters, Reiki Certificates, Holy Fire
Kristen Eykel, Reiki Training, Energy, Reiki Masters, Reiki Certificates, Holy Fire

Karuna Holy Fire III

This the highest attunement level available right now for Reiki Master Teachers who wish to exponentially expand their own healing, awareness and energetic experience, I attune you to the Karuna Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher level, (which is an additional 8 + 1 symbols!), and train you how to become a teacher for others as well as rapidly develop your own psychic awareness and manifestation capabilities. As a Reiki since 1991, I can honestly say that this level has skyrocketed my own personal practice as well as that which I can share for others.

While you can certainly read about Holy Fire III Reiki on your own, and I highly suggest that you do enjoy homework in this regard, becoming attuned to the Reiki energy is not like learning a skill, like driving a car. The “practice” of Reiki is in receiving higher frequency transmissions and then allowing your own body’s frequency to become attuned to hold them. The wonderful benefit is that this by its nature clears Karma or imbalances that are incompatible with your new modulation, help you to become more magnetic to situations you desire, and more intuitive overall. You then share the energy that you receive through you for others and into the world. You become attuned like a tuning fork and then vibrate with a higher frequency in every part of your life. The more you use it on yourself, the more energy you can receive, hold and transmit. Becoming attuned is therefore not limited to a simple one day exercise, it becomes a way of being and experiencing yourself that up-levels every aspect of your life.