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Bridge the Gap – Rewriting Herstory

All over the world, women have been speaking up and shouting out for agency, protection and respect. No more so than now, we have all been reminded about how & where we are required to grow brighter, smarter, savvier and better equipped than ever before – and FAST.  Your kids, family, teams, community and more importantly, you need your remarkable strength & wisdom now to create what’s to come for us all in the future.

The conversation has radically changed since the first Bridge the Gap group was formed back in Feb. 2020. No sooner did we start, then 2020 had some powerful new ideas for us all,  and wow has this time been an impressive teacher! Not easy, not all fun and definitely unexpected.

We have all had to learn how to adapt and grow, kind of like building the boat while floating in it. This new era that we all find ourselves in has shredded complacency and exposed what had been corrupted. Malfeasance and downright dirty deeds are no longer acceptable by anyone anymore.  Awakening Consciousness is a human experience. It is soul-deep and knows no gender, class or bias.

Do you know what this means for you?

It’s your turn to repair and replace what has been ransacked within you. What you can bring forth is now way more interesting and empowering and has not been written yet.

YOU are the next generation of emotionally-intelligent  leader, wise healer, strong mother and integrated teammate that our communities dearly need now for the future we are creating.

 “If you are ready to have a new experience of life, are ready to own and embody your power, and are ready tap into a way of living that feels effortless and free, Kristen is the guide for you.”  – SS.

What it will be, and who you will become is 100% totally up to you to create.
  • Discover that this time right now is an incredible once-in-a lifetime opportunity to change everything to come.
  • See & restructure what is already working for you, rather than turning your own power against you.
  • Use this upheaval and restructuring to work smarter, not harder.
  • Drive more satisfaction right now, without needing to wait for permission or someday/ oneday.
  • Learn how to voice empowered truth grounded in Sovereignty rather than fear or hesitation.
  • Unfurl your inherent agency to change from anxiety to extraordinary.

Over the past 3 decades, I have cultivated some pinpoint accurate tools, techniques and practices that have cleared my own rage, betrayal, shame, & fear while serving thousands of other women to shine! Now, it’s your turn.

Enhance your Life on Every Level

Course structure includes: 

  • Weekly 1-hour live implementation & clearing calls Tuesday evenings at 5pm PST
    • Calls Recorded to enjoy “podcast style” each week
  • Second Saturday Workshops- 3 hr Live & Online from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminate the guilt & self sabotage that has limited positive body acceptance & inherent sexuality.
  • Learn from past experiences so you can stop blaming others & yourself.
  • Apply now & join the team that helps you to forge a new relationship to yourself & other remarkable women who totally get you, because they get themselves.

This group is included with the Sacred Circle 12 Month Mentorship program.

“Thank you for helping to make today’s shift one of the most amazing shifts….Today, I felt who I am and saw who I can be to my patients…to those facing emergent health situations. This was all because  you helped me find me…thank you for being such a critical part of my team in this amazing, challenging, growth-inspiring journey. Thank you for reflecting angles I could not see or sense at the time…Thank you- from the bottom of my heart.” With love, Lily

If you have ever done  traditional Talk Therapy, then you are well aware that support groups and courses could easily cost thousands, but because I feel so strongly that this conversation must be supported, and to create as much accessibility to the information as possible,

tuition is reduced to only $199/ month to become a member of this ongoing & powerfully supportive course.

That’s less than $25 an hour to restructure decades of your past and write a new future.

“Being a part of our women’s group has given me a truly safe space to heal from my past, grow in my present, and welcome whatever is to come for my future.  I can’t imagine what this past year would have been like for me without our circle, and I am so grateful for each woman in our group and for Kristen’s mentorship for supporting me in my ever-changing journey.”   With so much love and gratitude, Sasha