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Upcoming Events

Reiki Retreat & Usui/ Holy Fire lll In-Person training in France

Join us September 12th – 18th on a journey to the heart of Cathar country in the mountains of the French Pyrenees…. Sleep in a fairytale castle, nestled in an ancient forest. Tap into energy at a whole new level. Return home restored, inspired & transformed.

What if you could merge with life from a wholly new perspective, connect & create with remarkable humans. Come home, but bring it all back with you….

The Yoga Expo LA  2024 – A Masterclass on Energy & Yoga – Your Lifesource

Learn to sense, hold, cultivate & expand your radiant field!

In this Masterclass, discover what it means to sense and expand your energy through the combination of Reiki & Yoga techniques. Discover a powerful new practice that will illuminate a power within you to shift everything around you -. brilliantly.

  • Awaken your Intuition
  • Tap into the Power of Community to elevate your field
  • Shift energies that no longer serve you to access only those that do
  • Transform anxiety, fatigue & overwhelm into abundant joy and gratitude
  • Feel energized, harmonized and revitalized
  • Learn how to grow your practice with grace & ease

Science & NonDuality Conference – Italy

Sensual Spirituality -Consensual Reality & Trauma Activation

With a clear, grounded and practical approach, Sensual Spirituality – Align with the Divine weaves together expansion of mind through Quantum Consciousness, meditation techniques, physical enjoyment, emotional freedom, forgiveness, deep healing of pain and trauma from alternate timelines, and a sense of freedom, sovereignty, and trust within the body.

Sedona Yoga Festival

Chakra Perceptions: Radical Awareness of the Subtle Body

The power of the Chakra system lies in much more than our simple connection to breath and our feelings. It lies to the very center of Life and our connection to the Creative Source. For this connection is what causes us to be the creative energetic beings that we are. We have a Light Body made of these centers that connects to our our nerve and organ centers in the physical body, but we also have points that correspond to the Greater Energy of all life that allows us to envision and manifest on this planet. Without the chakra connection, we manifest mere base survival, and our higher forms of thought and creativity languish. 

Bridge the Gap Women’s Group

Rewriting Herstory

All over the world, women have been speaking up and shouting out for agency, protection and respect. No longer little girls, we have all been reminded about how & where we are required to grow brighter, smarter, savvier and better equipped than ever before – and FAST.  Your kids, family, teams, community and more importantly, you need your remarkable strength & wisdom now to create what’s to come in the future. Join the women’s group that changes everything!

I-ACT Convention – Los Angeles

Why You Being Awesome Matters

The world now, more than ever, needs our strength, our best selves to rise up and shine. Rather than shrink, we must expand to fill every circumstance and every relationship with the Light that we possess. As we continue to develop our practice of holding space for more light within ourselves, we also create the opportunities for others’ Light to shine, releasing fears and insecurities within us all. We learn to hold space for another’s Light to shine, so that we ourselves may continue to grow in the mission that we were born to accomplish in this lifetime.

Sivananda Ashram Bahamas Life After Death Conference

Consciousness is Non-Local

Your consciousness chooses bodies & lifetime challenges for growth. 

Science and NonDuality Conference (SAND) San Jose

Interview with Mark Gober, author of  “An End to Upside Down Thinking”

Mark and I discuss a new paradigm of Awareness. We now have more easily available than ever before, and understanding of non-linear & non-local consciousness. Why this understanding matters, is an important step in the emerging field of consciousness that is emerging everywhere today.