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Sensitives, Empaths, Healers & Spiritual Seekers
This is not like any other time in our lives. New gifts, awarenesses & perceptions are emerging, built upon and surpassing the practices of the old ways. Manifestation becoming more rapid – Knowing more acute – Time & space perceptions shifting.
Separation from the old paradigm allows you to merge more powerfully into the new.
Where will this journey lead you?
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Kristen Eykel Speaks at the Sedona Yoga Festival

Kristen Eykel CHt. the Author of “Yoga for Transformation- Beyond Asana Into Awareness” is also an acclaimed Hypnotherapist, IKYTA & E-RYT, RPYT Yoga Expert, and Usui Karuna/ Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher in Los Angeles with a devoted and loyal following dedicated to her 12-month Mentorship program, Awesomeness Training.

“Chakra Perceptions – Radical Awareness of the Subtle Body” 

A 120-minute discussion & physical practice on discovering the Chakra system – what it is and how to utilize its power.

The power of the Chakra system lies in much more than our simple connection to breath and our feelings. It lies to the very center of Life and connection to the Creative Source. For this connection is what causes us to be the creative energetic beings that we are. We have a Light Body made of these centers that connect to our nerve and organ centers in the physical body, but we also have points that correspond to the Greater Energy of all life that allows us to envision and manifest on this planet. Without the chakra connection, we manifest mere base survival, and our higher forms of thought and creativity languish.

“Why You Being Awesome Matters”

The world now, more than ever, needs our strength, our best selves to rise up and shine. Rather than shrink, we must expand to fill every circumstance and every relationship with the Light that we possess. As we continue to develop our practice of holding space for more light within ourselves, we also create the opportunities for others’ Light to shine, releasing fears and insecurities within us all. We learn to hold space for another’s Light to shine, so that we ourselves may continue to grow in the mission that we were born to accomplish in this lifetime.

Exhaustion vs. Vitality. Happiness vs. Depression, Creativity vs. Depletion
“The Frequency of Nutrition”

(30-60 minute presentation)

Everything that we ingest, from media to food, operates within a particular vibratory frequency. The planet itself vibrates at what is known as the Schumann Resonance or 7.83 hz. This same frequency is the equivalent in our brain’s cycles per minute of the Theta Brainwave. Theta is the state of mental and physical relaxation that is just at the threshold of wakefulness and sleep. This rich Theta state is the frequency that allows for greater problem solving and assists in hypnotherapy work to access and support the mental programming of our subconscious minds. In fact, the frequency of exposure to this frequency (yes, pun intended!), leads to the particular experience that one feels in normal, day to day life and self-expression. It is why appropriate diet, combined with daily consistent meditation or mental nourishment, is required to help heal the body, release stress and more creatively approach day to day life.

Kristen will discuss:

  • What is Serotonin and how is it produced?
  • What does Nutrition have to do with mood and feelings of well being?
  • How can I nourish myself with foods to more positively affect this frequency?
  • How can I tap into this frequency and recreate this experience daily?
  • What do I need to avoid that depletes serotonin levels?

Kristen will guide the participants in a short exercise designed to stimulate this neurotransmitter with a common, everyday food item.

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