Alternate Timeline Therapy

What is the Alternate Timeline Technique & Therapy?

The Alternate Timeline Technique ™ is my signature practice and is far more than simply regression or “past life therapy”work.
Past life implies a linear sequence of events that my practice has revealed to be untrue.
You are a Multidimensional Being

Kristen’s Alternate Timeline Therapy ushers you into other life experiences & timelines through deeply meditative states using techniques from Hypnotherapy  Shamanism Reiki Healing and other disciplines, that help to illuminate your personal connection to other times & places that may still be unconsciously affecting your life in the now.

Alternate Timelines can be anywhere in any dimension, including the past, present or future.

“Past Life Regression” implies visiting something earlier, literally a past life – something that happened long ago. However, for those who experience anything from past lives that impact the now, they aren’t past lives at all. They are present today. We all experience multiple timeline or lifetime experiences that may be interacting simultaneously in a “parallel universe” type of way. This phenomenon creates what I term Adhesions between these intersecting points or timelines. Adhesions usher in great gifts as well as great challenges.

Stepping into the Adhesion points, we can release trapped emotions, allow greater insight into your purpose, and help you to adopt an easier experience in your present timeline awareness. This may include healing generational family trauma, understanding your Soul Mates, shifting physical or emotional imbalances, and alignment with a greater sense of your mission or purpose in the now.

During these powerful, privately guided journeys:
  • Sense, feel, see or know information from timelines that are relevant to your life today.
  • Clear ancient trauma or energetic ‘stuckness’ that may have been lingering in your karmic connections.
  • Rewrite or complete Contracts, release Energetic Cords
  • Understand the true nature of your most meaningful relationships
  • Experience direct information transmitted specifically for you so that you can apply this information to your life instantly.
  • The presence of Master Teachers may support energetic up-leveling for those who wish to receive it.
  • Students call this experiences transformational, and find sustainable, positive changes emerge rapidly
  • Experiencers often report:
    • tingling
    • buzzing
    • floating
    • emotional clearing
    • high vibrational re-attunement that can linger for days, often much longer.
  • This experience opens renewed understanding of your purpose or that of your community
  • Who you are in your ‘spiritual self’
  • Why your time on Earth in your specific body now is so important.

Experience the Journey into Ancient Timelines Workshops


Great learning is still being taught to you from other times and places.

Sit in the ancient temples, and remember the timeless wisdom that is most relevant for you today. Visit Ancient Timelines Journeys as you meditate back beyond past-life into the Alternate Timelines of your soul.  Remember and reconnect to learning of these lands. Find what you have been searching for throughout the millennia. Come home to yourself through the stories of another life. 

“Learn more about yourself in an afternoon, than you may have learned in a year.

 Kristen Eykel MHt.