Sacred Circle Pyramids

Ancient Technology for Modern Practitioners

Throughout the Millennia, Cheops Pyramid has always been a symbol of energy transformation from the cosmos to the individual. Through the use of specific angles and the power of copper, we have created personalized meditation pyramids that help you achieve a higher level of Relaxation and Mental Exploration.

How they Work

Every second of every day you are exposed to powerful fields of energy. Most of these actively deplete your vitality, health and well being. Your body is constantly trying to balance everything from the cacophony of sound around you, artificial lighting at work, microwaves at home, cell phone radiation by your head, outgassing chemicals from buildings, and even dead-energy drinking water in plastic bottles.

There is very little that the modern human actually engages in that consistently up-levels this energetic field. 
  • You may try to eat healthy, but is every morsel organic?
  • You may exercise, but are your organs and glands healthy or do you just have sleek muscles?
  • You may meditate, but is your life richer as a result, or are you just keeping the overwhelm at bay?
  • Do you carry the feeling of barefoot at the beach all the time?

Probably not.

You see, there is a huge difference from simply maintaining your baseline level for survival (or preventing the inexorable downhill slide), to actually increasing your energetic life force. 

Your meditation can do more than prevent you from feeling awful, they actually stimulate higher planes of consciousness and healing.

A high-frequency life is filled with feelings of gratitude and abundance as your daily norm!

Whatever your current practice is, you will experience remarkable amplification with the inherent power of Sacred Circle Pyramids.

We are a family run business, with a dedication to creating artisanal handmade Copper Meditation Pyramids that amplify your vision, deepen your healing and expand your well being.

Our dedication to your practice, is our highest goal and deepest honor.

Two sizes of hand-crafted Copper Meditation Pyramids:

The Temple

10ft x 10ft x 8ft Copper Meditation Pyramid


The Portal

5ft x 5ft x 4ft Copper Meditation Pyramid


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