Join me now and let’s change our world by supporting yours.

Mentorship & Coaching allows you to know exactly who you are and what you are made of.

Become Unapologetically Awesome. Kristen’s Tools for Transformation
reveal YOU as the creator of your reality.

Want to change the world? Let’s start with you.

Tools for Transformation

Awesomeness Training allow you to discover what being truly Present in your life feels like. In Group Mentorship and my One-on-One Coaching Programs, I actively challenge you to redefine yourself, and give you real tools to strip away the old definitions that no longer serve you. I train you to bring discipline into awareness & help you feel how passion creates a life filled with what truly matters to you and to your community. Transform the being that you were into one who feels Unapologetically Awesome.

Your world needs your strength, not your weakness, your excellence, not your excuses - Kristen Eykel

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of High Intentions, Sincere Effort and Intelligent Execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives — choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”
~ Aristotle

I was trained in the old school of Yogic and Shamanic traditions. The Guru or Shaman, taught each student individually. The Teacher must know the apprentice inside and out. This was the pact between Student and Teacher, “I will learn from you and do my best, if you will dedicate yourself to teaching me.” It was a solemn agreement, and never done lightly. Dedicated focus, commitment and trust leads to wisdom. Its how the Apprentice learns how to continue on to become the new Master.

What each person needs differs according to many factors. There is no one way to anything – success, happiness or well being. Each road is unique on the journey of Purpose & Enlightenment. Which is why I take the time to work with you personally, to get to know deeply what will assist YOU the most in your journey forward. As I remind all of my students, this is YOUR class, not mine. I teach you how to find PRESENCE. Holding space as your teacher, I give you the best tools possible for you to see yourself and to fall in love with the life you are here to live.Without this awareness and dedication, you will simply go from one technique to the next, with little awareness of how it applies in your life.

I take my role as your Teacher very seriously, with great honor and care. I teach you how to Keep UP and never give up. I remind you of what really matters and how amazing you feel when you are in your alignment. I teach you to BE Present now.

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