Coaching and Healing Sessions with Kristen Eykel CHt.

Kristen Eykel CHt.

I specialize in helping you to get connected to who you truly are and what really matters in your life from a deeper perspective.

Using techniques from Shamanism, Reiki healing, Hypnotherapy and my training as a birth doula and yogi, I have synthesized a program of results based work that causes true breakthroughs to occur within my clients. 

I create a “Soul Spa” experience, guiding you to become deeply relaxed. I then use Reiki and energy work to deepen this profound relaxation that gives you the feelings of melting out of the body. This in and of itself is a deeply satisfying journey, but I also add in it the work on a very deep psycho-spiritual level as well. I know that somewhere, you KNOW what you need, but often have either talked yourself out of or rationalized that its not “the thing” that is important to you.. However, when you learn to give yourself what you truly need from a core level, healing begins and shift occurs in your outer life as well – easily!

The trick comes down to truly owning what is really going on, without the fears of being right, or accepted or good enough that plague most people more often than not and cause people to hide themselves from themselves and a life that truly matters.

The truly awesome thing that also happens, is that as you shift, you become exquisitely aware of your relationships ALSO shifting! Marriage awareness evolves, relationships to kids and career, self image and body perspective- all of these places also begin to ripen into a greater place of peace and dignified satisfaction. It’s like my clients “grow up” in some key factors within themselves. 

As well, if you are ready to go much deeper and change your whole life….

If you are ready to make a serious leap into a magnificent life of freedom, self- expression and unapologetic Awesomeness,, I offer a 12 month mentorship program to work with me personally for coaching and training that will completely re-create your life with these tools. You can discover more of who you are in one year, than you may have made room for in the decade before.

I am deeply honored to be of support for your journey and evolution as well. Many blessings, thank you and sat nam- Kristen 

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