Reiki Certification Training – Levels 1 & 2 – Payment Options

This can be taught separately or together. The first level turns you on and the second level gives you tools to help shape and share the energy.  Even if you have had other healing practices in the past, or are a natural energy healer already. Reiki energy is specific energy. Like a G string on a guitar alongside other strings they vibrate together with other tones to harmonize beautifully, your Reiki attunement harmonizes all of your other healing abilities to make them stronger and to make the process of sharing energy much, much easier. Some energy sharing & healing practices require a great deal of personal energy to be exchanged, which is depleting for the practitioner and gives less than the ideal exchange for the intended receiver. In working with the Reiki energy, this depletion becomes instead, a sense of rejuvenation for both sender and receiver. You are not the source of the energy, you are the conduit which carries it, much like the glass that holds the water also becomes wet when filled.

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Reiki Certification Training – Levels 1 & 2

Learn Usui Holy Fire lll Reiki live in-person & online from anywhere in the world. Become certified to share Reiki healing in this one day course.