Reiki Certification Training – Level 3 – Holy Fire III – Payment Options

This is taught as its own 1-day training. There are some who combine the Master Practitioner Level ( ART/ Level 3) into a Master Teacher level, but I come from the old school of teaching and was an Usui Master Teacher first before Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki was born.  I teach these levels separately in order to give you a deeper grounding in not only the energetic adjustments but also in the practice of holding space as a teacher-in-training.  You will learn 1 more symbol, and how to use it in combination with your Level 2 symbols. You also learn psychic surgery, energetic grids, and crystal work, sending and receiving healing with greater awareness, as well as continue to improve your intuitive & manifesting capabilities.

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Reiki Certification Training – Level 3 – Holy Fire III – A.R.T. Advanced Reiki Training

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