Yoga For Transformation – Beyond Asana Into Awareness by Kristen Eykel


What has stopped you from having the life of your dreams so far? Do you believe that you are not good enough? Do you think you need to know more? Do you procrastinate or make yourself so busy that you don’t have time to follow your dreams?

How do you access YOU when life and work and family pull you in different directions? Do you want to change all that?

I will show you how.

This system is a potent combination of yoga and hypnotherapy techniques combined to awaken awareness in your life, so that you become the creator of your life, rather than a hapless bystander. Specific, layered affirmations with yoga mudra, breathwork, meditations, and a journaling practice combined every day for 42 days, helps you to rapidly overcome self-limiting habits, unlock feelings of “enoughness”, release beliefs of lack or limitation, and awaken your intuitive knowing of what truly matters most in your life.

This planner is the companion to the 6 week Yoga for Transformation course.

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For those of you who enjoy reading offline, the printed version of the “Yoga For Transformation – Book” may be the best and easiest way to get into the program. After completing the book, you will always have the chance to access the always available “Online Program” that includes a lot of Audio, Video, and very supportive multimedia content, and of course, the full version that includes Live Calls with Kristen! Don’t wait anymore, the time for a change in your life is NOW!

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