Pregnancy Yoga Creates Consciousness & Empowers Birth

I know, for the guys out there you may roll your eyes and think that Birth is a chick kind of thing. For the older ones who may have already had kids, you understand. But to the ones not yet in the mindset of what Birth even means, take a moment, because this affects you more than you might realize…

The only reason that your eyes are reading this text right now is because your mother at some point in her life decided to give you an opportunity to do so. She birthed you in one manner or another. She gestated and formed the building blocks of your physical and emotional body, and at one point, you began your own story and took it from there. But see, the thing is, whether you had the best mom in the world, or the absolute worst, YOU are still here because this is how we bring new life on the planet- One mother at a time. And if this in any way impacts you, then I am delighted, because it sure as heck impacts me.

This job of nurturing the lives of our next generation and of supporting the women brave enough to choose to have kids, is magnificent. Women still trust love enough to have a child even when life can look scary and mean. Yet through this great love and no small amount of sweat and tears, new life does manifest. And we, the supporters of these women, get to fall in love with these new beings- their talents and interests, their discoveries and amazing gifts that are still nascent and forming in the dark. We, the lucky few who hold this world of Labor and Birth as crucial to the next generation of leaders and thinkers, we get to do the work of supporting the scared, sad and struggling mothers and help them to evolve just a little bit, which can deeply impact the mother that they become for the baby that they carry. We can do so much to offer support and guidance and not a little strength to them. The woman who may have forgotten her source of strength in the weight of hospitals and insurance and fears of others. The woman who had no idea how much doing it alone could hurt. The woman who waited for so many years to conceive, that now she is terrified of what is to come.

We create our own practice as doctors, nurses, teachers, yogis, doulas and nurturers, and discover that to deeply support these new families, and by changing the inner strength of this mother, as she births, she births herself along the way. She discovers that she is far greater and made of stronger stuff than she may have realized before. She can be the heroine of not just her kids’ lives, but also of her own. This in turn affects her job, her marriage and other relationships positively when she remembers who she is, and who she has born herself to be.

You as her teacher, rock and supporter, can help make the difference in the empowerment of our future world. One mother and one birth at a time, we can change the world.

I am honored to hold space for Transformational Birth Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Labor teacher’s training both in person and online. Join me here on my site to become part of the team to transform the way we birth our planet.

Thanks to you for reading. I look forward to your questions and comments and thank YOU for the work that you already do to make this planet a little brighter.

Many blessings & sat nam- Kristen Eykel


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