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Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana Into Awareness:
Streamlining Excellence in a 6-week program.

You know that you have a calling for more, to somehow live life with a little more meaning. You feel a voice within that is urging you towards change, but have no idea what it is, or how to get there.

You dream of experiencing a deep sense of satisfaction within yourself, to enjoy a healthy body and mind.

Imagine that feeling that you love after a deep yoga or meditation practice staying with you throughout your entire day, rather than diminishing the moment you get back to your car. Imagine instead, that you can carry this feeling with you into every circumstance and situation for the rest of the day, developing a new experience of focus and of consistent well-being, even in scenarios that would normally leave you feeling stressed and anxious.


  • Feeling abundant energy every day
  • Your stress diminishing
  • Sleeping deeply 
  • Improved communication in your most important relationships
  • Feeling absolute self-confidence & deep self respect
  • Creating a total sense of knowing about who you are & what matters most to you

How amazing would you feel if you could grow this practice into a new way of life with powerful, positive new habits that support your brilliance & have you feeling energized every day, in any situation? Yoga for Transformation helps you to:

  • Learn to listen to the calling within you
  • Put it into action step by step
  • Know that you are on your path doing exactly what you were born to do.

In this video, discover that yoga is so much more than a sweaty stretch class. 

In fact, the science of yoga, isn’t about stretching at all. It’s not about being vegan, or super limber. It’s actually a discipline for a healthy way of thinking, feeling  & living that elevates your consciousness and every aspect of your life. In this video, discover:

  1. What Yoga actually means and why it matters as a daily practice
  2. The magic of harnessing your words to create your reality
  3. How simple hand gestures you can do anywhere change your mindset instantly
  4. The number one thing you can do right now to save your life & elevate your physical well being.
  5. Why your practice isn’t really on a yoga mat at all!

Enjoy this super simple 20-minute sneak peek into the magic of Yoga for Transformation & learn how you can magnetize your life with overflowing joy and an abundance worth practicing for!

Reshape the landscape of your life, in just 5 minutes a day.

Yoga for Transformation is a 6-week daily practice blending a unique mental, vibratory, auditory and physical system to break habitual tendencies & beliefs that cause doubt, make you sell yourself short, and keep you stuck.

Learn how to create:

  • A calm, self-assured identity that is magnetic
  • A palpable sense of confidence
  • Deep self-reliance 
  • Personal mastery that allows you to stay present
  • Focus & balance in every situation of your life

This is a life practice, one rooted in the ancient science of yoga but purposefully integrated for the demands of our time. Learn to expand that space you feel on the mat into every aspect of your life off of it.

Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Discover what your soul craves! 

Yoga for Transformation embodies the discipline of yoga in a whole new way that generates a cohesive body, mind, and spirit, while exponentially expanding you from your soul level outwards.

Recreate your outside life from the inside, and hone a new way of thinking to energize a new habit of Being.

Are you ready to learn the truth?

Most people think yoga is an exercise routine that you do on a mat, a way to get more limber or reduce stress. Yoga is actually a 5,000-year-old science. Not just what you do on a mat, it’s a fully integrated system in how to live a supple, balanced life by creating a balanced mind and heart. To attain enlightenment in this lifetime, learn how to become honest to your soul.

Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Yoga for Transformation techniques create a new habit of excellence that generates a more satisfying and passionate way of being. New achievement and awareness naturally emerge as a result of identify the old habits that are keeping you back.

You will experience:

  • Increased Intuition.
  • Feelings of being present in every situation of life, not just watching it pass by.
  • Improved communication in all of your relationships, from the most intimate to the community around you.
  • Self-mastery and personal ownership as the creator of your life.
  • The ability to understand what you truly want, and how to create the roadmap to get there.

Join Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana into Awareness. The 6-week course you practice for the rest of your life.

You’ll receive:

  • Weekly live coaching calls via Zoom to expand your unique goals into your active reality.
  • 6 weekly video reviews that give you deeper, practical understanding of each week’s completions.
  • My famous guided meditations to help illuminate your progress each week and deepen your understanding of these concepts.
  • Demonstration videos that make learning Pranayama simple.
  • Transform limiting beliefs & self-doubt into self-awareness and confidence in only 42 days!
  • BONUS  – Audio Recordings to listen to each day’s practice
Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching
Yoga for Transformation with 6 weeks of Live Coaching Calls
  • Live weekly coaching calls via Zoom
  • Access to your daily course online + Digital Book Download
  • Weekly Video Reviews & Meditations to help keep you on track
  • Intuition & Relaxation techniques to use every day to stimulate wellbeing
  • Yogic Postures, Breathing & Concepts that take you beyond the mat.
  • BONUS - Audio Recordings for each day's practice. Relax & listen to the meditation to help seal the Affirmation of the Day.
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She helped me reveal to myself my own powerful healing abilities, and has opened up new and exciting possibilities for my life and work. Even though the circumstances of my day-to-day life have not changed dramatically (still have work, kids, husband, etc.), the way I go through it all is radically different– with more confidence, grace, gratitude, hope, and love.
Dr. Bergen Nelson
Through her program, classes and guidance, I now have tools to get through anything that comes my way. I have learned how to breathe and focus. I have learned how to get through stressful issues and how to prevent anxiety from taking over, allowing myself to move forward and be a better me so that I can be a better mother to my children and a better person to those around me. I am grateful to have these tools and this book to refer to for extra support in my life.
Tehila Koshki
Kristen has created a symphony of beautiful tools which are perfect for this time in the world. While I consider Kristen a dear friend of mine, I can vouch for her being a friend to you as well. Authentic and Supportive. I highly recommend Kristen’s work.
Karena VirginiaSpiritual Teacher, Healer and author of “Essential Kundalini Yoga”