Restoration Yoga Teacher Training

Restoration Yoga Teacher Certification Training 

$399. 15hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

Next Training Feb.17th & 18th 2018 Location: Woodland Hills/ Calabasas

Want to go deeper into your practice? Restoration Yoga Teacher Certification training is for healers, massage therapists, teachers & practitioner yogis alike.

Imagine life in a pain-free, stress-free body. Discover what deep relaxation truly feels like. Learn how surrender and openness facilitate mental, emotional and physical healing. Learn how your body feels in these postures, then understand how to create this support for yourself & others. Where your mind goes, your body will follow.

The difference between a supported pose and a truly cozy surrender may be tiny. An extra blanket folded half an inch higher or lower may make all the difference. As well, most people’s bodies are not symmetrical in where they hold tension, and therefore they may need extra alignment as well as support. Your practice with this experience in your own body will better prepare you for the individual challenges of your class.

Remember, yoga is a practice, not a perfect. In this regard, your practice will make the perfect solution for others.

It is not all lying about on one’s back with an eye pillow and lavender mist. That is lovely, but not sustainable enough for a 90-minute class filled with people used to cramming every minute of waking life with busy-ness.

You will benefit from this work as much as your students. You will heal and grow in your own life along with the flow of your classes. Each session is unique, no matter how many years you may have practiced or guided students to find their own power. For make no mistake, surrender to the pose IS power.Expanding your ability as a teacher is made even sweeter with continuing education credits from Yoga Alliance.

Train to find Power in Surrender & Patience in the Pose.

What You Will Learn

This 15 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certification course goes beyond the physical postures to give you a deeper awareness into the emotional and mental support that your clients deserve.

  • Digital and Online Training Manual
  • Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief
  • Support for athletes, pregnancy, chronic pain and those with limited range of movement
  • The Parasympathetic nervous system and how to regulate it
  • What to say to create an oasis of trust & postures of peace
  • See the energy of the body and where it holds asymmetry or tension for release
  • How to use music and environment to offer even deeper relaxation easily

The insights that I’ve discovered around the physical, mental and spiritual practice of Yoga, Meditation and Healing in the past 25 years, have made me a dedicated teacher for your practice. I combine my talents, training & expertise as a Birth Doula, Yoga Expert, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher to create these trainings & coaching to support you in your evolution as a true teacher and healer.

“We teach, and we teach until we learn it ourselves” – Kristen Eykel CHt.