Pregnancy & Labor Training

Conscious Pregnancy & Labor Training for Mothers

Get Personalized One on One Support
$599 – 4 Weeks to Labor Course

You have been so busy getting life ready, that now your focus turns to birth day and you need help! 

In this unique, 4 Week Doula Crash Course, you’ll receive:
  • Two personal, one-on-one sessions to quickly clear the fears & mental chatter while connecting you to the source of your inner wisdom.
  • A special Guided Meditation that creates your Key Words of Power that focus your mind and relax your body instantly and offer deeper support during labor when you need it most.
  • A Live 90-minute Q & A + Training Session with your birth partner to nurture you both with practical insights, massage techniques, comfort & labor postures plus guidance that bonds you into a powerfully connected team. 


  • 2 live online Zoom Hypnosis for Labor or Emotional & Stress Relief sessions
  • A Guided Meditation for Your Labor uniquely recorded using your power words that rock you deeply into rest and replenish your strength.
  • One 90 minute Couples Prep for Labor session that teaches your partner how to best support your body and mind learning powerful pain relief techniques, relaxing massage and other best practices for labor.
  • Yoga for Labor video trainings
  • Unlimited email or text contact for general hand-holding & any other questions or concerns that may arise!
Create a Solid Foundation for Birth

Join the only online & in-depth training course for mothers in Kristen Eykel’s Yoga for Labor ®  Pregnancy, Labor & Preparation for Motherhood.

You becoming a mother has its own challenges way beyond prepping the nursery. Traumas, middle of the fears or painful past experiences can deeply affect you at anytime, but most especially when you feel vulnerable. Take this time now for yourself and dive deep into a transformational journey that will literally change your life.

Well-meaning friends and family may have differing views and opinions, and the choices swirling around you now can be daunting. Enough! Stop the outside interference and get clarity around what matters most to YOU. Take charge of your life, pregnancy, motherhood and labor, & transform the limitations around birth that have been taught to you, and transform what you give to your baby.

Labor is a fully immersive experience unlike anything else you have ever done in your life, and there’s nothing you have done before that can prepare you for it the first time. Your pregnancy and labor also hold implications regarding your views on sexuality and your rapidly changing identity.

You deserve mental, emotional, & physical training.

You will always remember what happened to you in childbirth. You will remember most of all, how you felt about yourself. This feeling has the ability to either support your future choices, or undermine core belief in yourself in detrimental ways.

Sacred Circle Teachings & Kristen Eykel’s Yoga for Labor ® “Get Ready for Birth” Course supports the mental, emotional & physical changes you experience while pregnant, and create your best outcome for labor, delivery & postpartum recovery.

    • Why is Yoga for Labor so important? Can’t I just modify my regular yoga?

      Kristen Eykel’s Yoga for Labor ® is so unique, it is a registered trademark in the United States. Unlike other forms of yoga developed by men for men’s bodies, this is a specific form, created by a mother just for Pregnancy, Childbirth and the practical work of Labor.

  • Learn vital tools of mental support through Guided Meditation that keep you focused, relaxed and empowered – replenishing your strength throughout pregnancy & labor
  • Learn how to Prep for Labor with your partner for powerful pain relief techniques, relaxing massage and other best practices for labor.
  • Get easy to follow anytime relief with Yoga for Labor ® video trainings
  • Join the Sacred Circle Teachings Community for free  for general hand-holding & any other questions or concerns that may arise!

“Birthing a child also births an aspect of yourself.
This is a journey of Initiation unlike any other.” – Kristen Eykel MHt.