The Art of Pranayama

The Art of Pranayama – An Online Training.

Yoga discipline holds many practices for enlightenment and awareness, but one of the primary ones is called Pranayama. Pranayama are two Sanskrit words – Prana, or life force energy, and Ayama, the control of it. Pranayama balances the brain, detoxifies the body, reduces the awareness of pain, balances emotions, and clears away anxiety. It connects us to our truth and wisdom, and allows greater creative consciousness to emerge.

The Yogis speak of it, and your doctor may have even recommended aerobic exercise, but rather than simply filling your lungs up with oxygen, what else is going on? People have become experts at measuring the impacts of what they eat on their body’s functioning, as well as how they exercise for fitness and health. It’s been made into near religious fervor! But so few have truly paid any attention to the most basic and crucial function of the body’s needs. How does your breath relate directly to more than just survival of the body, but to the true flowering of your psyche and spirit?

The Art of Pranayama

Join me in this 75-minute online class where I share ancient yogic practices of breath. Learn how Pranayama works to balance your body and brain, heal emotions, calm the nervous system, and override panic & pain. Guided demonstrations of breath also given.

“To put words to my experience with Kristen, is like trying to find words to describe your most profound spiritual experience. To find a true healer- one who can lead you across the most treacherous threshold with grace and strength- is as rare and precious as encountering soulmate love. That is who Kristen is, a true healer of the greatest magnitude.” – Ivy Joeva

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