Online Global Satsang Meditation

What is Satsang? 

This is a Sanskrit word that simply means “to be in the company of  truth”. I usually say Sat nam at the end of my emails, lectures, classes, etc. Sat Nam means “truth is my name”. So when we come together in Sat-sang, what we are seeking is a greater discussion within our own truth, as much as to feel it reflected in the truth of the community around us. 

Beyond your personal sense of well-being, did you also know that this experience is a crucial component for a healthy societal body as well?

  • When you meditate with a group, the entire hive mind hums higher
  • Everyone gets a deeper resonance & connection.
  • Awareness begins to catch like wildfire.

This class was created to bring about more opportunities to sit with your truth, because honestly, in the era of anxiety levels through the roof, sitting in a little pool of truth and beauty sounds about perfect to me too.

Online Satsang –  Clearing Meditation + Pranayama  Ongoing classes Thursdays – 9am PST

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Meditation + Pranayama

Join me in this 1 hour online class where I share ancient yogic practices of breath, combined with modern hypnotherapy and energy clearing techniques Learn to balance your thoughts and emotions, heal anxieties, find solutions with live coaching, and discover the power of community all in shared commitment to evolution.

“Less expensive than a chiropractic session and more addictive than a Vicodin (in a good way)…..If you are just a neurotic mess, the soothing incantations of this model- beautiful instructor with 30 years of experience in Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini could calm even the suicidal.”  – LA Weekly’s BEST of LA 

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