Chakra Perceptions: Radical Awareness of the Subtle Body

A Masterclass on the Chakra System

What you may know about the Chakras is likely incomplete! In this Masterclass, go deep into understanding the Chakra System from a powerful new perspective that may illuminate a whole new awareness within you.

Our modern conception of Chakras leads many to think of little balls of color on the spine, but this no more depicts the Chakra System than the map of California depicts the breadth & depth of the state.

Chakra means Wheel. The ancient Yogis and modern Clairvoyants who see this energy all describe it as spinning vortices of energy that relate to certain points around the body. Most of the chakras in our energetic body correspond to main nerve centers, however, there are many more besides the simple 7 you may have heard about before.

This class includes a PDF download, video lecture and a physical asana sequence designed to help you to understand, feel & incorporate this upleveled spiritual concept into a totally new awareness of this vital energetic component of all life.

“I am truly grateful and in awe of your knowledge and how you facilitate and educate. You have pulled all of this Enlightened information, and have succinctly connected to the “Whole” or as I like to call it, “God/ Goddess” Source energy. I see and feel your Light and Worth in every frequency within the entirety of your vibrational spectrum. Om Shanti – Shanti! ” – Anthony

The Chakra System & the Subtle Body

This 90 minute MasterClass on Kristen Eykel’s Chakra Perceptions shared from her teaching at the Sedona Yoga Festival, will illuminate your understanding. Bring consciousness to your use of your energetic field & learn to align your awareness with the physical and the non-physical states of being. 

Kristen’s Lecture & Q & A illuminates:

  • A new understanding of the Chakra System, and how Consciousness uses it to experience life on Earth.
  • What is Cord Cutting  & When to Use It?
  • Chakra Health & the Empath
  • Asana Practice to open & strengthen your Chakras, Energetic & Physical Body
  • Blissful Meditation Journey to Expand your Awareness.

This unique Masterclass shares deep awareness & energetic refreshment that will immediately serve you, your practice and your life.