Aquarian Awakening – Men

Awakening Consciousness is a human experience. It is soul-deep and knows no gender, class or bias.

The remarkable men in our Sacred Circle Community have been asking for a circle just for them to explore these concepts. Many men find that they are the only one in any group who share these conversations. They wish to reflect with others who understand, and to show up in service for each other in ways that other men’s groups cannot.

Men all over the world are waking up to new consciousness.

Outmoded concepts that traditionally emphasized masculine identity, and faded beliefs about self-mastery are rapidly making way for new  awareness today. Men have rarely found many others to connect with who can truly understand and assist in the Awakening Men experience.

For many years, I have held space for women in this process, often because they have been the most vocal in their needs for support! But as the Female Empowerment conversation has evolved, so too has the Men’s. Awakening is not a female/male experience. This clarity opens the doorway for new possibilities for everyone in community to shine.

This is not business networking, although ideas may form.

This is not confinement to stereotypical masculinity, or romanticizing a wilder nature of yore.

This is a deeper reflection that looks into the heart & soul of an emerging Spiritual Being and asks:

  • Who are you beyond the surface-level illusion?
  • How can these new sensations and intuitions become stabilized and amplified in your life?
  • How can your gut-knowing and emotional integrity become normalized & celebrated rather than hidden?
  • What constitutes Right Action and how do you practice it everyday in every situation?
  • What if you could feel moments of epiphany and enlightenment integrated into your everyday life, rather than merely witnessed in altered states?
  • If who you truly are was occluded by your upbringing rather than honored as completely natural, how can you unravel the damage that was done to reveal the light within?

Enhance your Life on Every Level

Discover the power of an awakened community sharing your commitment to personal evolution.

The Aquarian Awakening is happening for everyone who chooses to listen at this time. It’s not just for girls anymore.

  • Balance your thoughts and emotions to enhance all of your relationships
  • Open your inner genius to enhance productivity & feelings of satisfaction
  • Reveal the habits & release the anxieties that have kept you feeling stuck
  • Discover practical solutions for living in alignment with your deepest, most passionate nature

Join with other remarkable men having enlightening conversations. Stabilize your spiritual practice and elevate your Empowered Masculine. Together, we inspire new definitions that support the next generation of Awakening Men.

“Thank you Kristen and thank you gents for the support these last few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed your insights and appreciate the space to be open.

With our meetings I’ve recalibrated to the correct speed of life again.”

 – AG

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash
Aquarian Awakening Men meets Mondays at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST live on Zoom. Exclusive Membership is only  99/month – but your first visit is free.
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