Join the Art of Pranayama

A Masterclass on Your Life Force

Breath is a learned behavior.

In this Masterclass, go deep into understanding the science and practical applications of harnessing your inherent life force energy through Pranayama. Discover a powerful new practice that may illuminate the power within you.

This course recording from Kristen’s training at the Science and NonDuality Conference, includes a gorgeous 25 page PDF, practical Q & A, and easy to follow demonstration videos to help you to understand, feel & incorporate this mind altering experience & integrate this vital component into your life.

” OMG Kristen, I feel like a whole new person! ❤️ I feel like my happy, joyful old self!. I’m so grateful and honored to be able to have met you and learn from you. ” – Munizha

The Art of Pranayama – An Online Training.

Yoga discipline holds many practices for enlightenment and awareness, but one of the primary ones is called Pranayama. Pranayama are two Sanskrit words – Prana, or life force energy, and Ayama, the control of it. Pranayama balances the brain, detoxifies the body, reduces the awareness of pain, balances emotions, and clears away anxiety. It connects us to our truth and wisdom, and allows greater creative consciousness to emerge.

The Yogis speak of it, and your doctor may have even recommended aerobic exercise, but rather than simply filling your lungs up with oxygen, what else is going on? People have become experts at measuring the impacts of what they eat on their body’s functioning, as well as how they exercise for fitness and health. It’s been made into near religious fervor! But so few have truly paid any attention to the most basic and crucial function of the body’s needs. How does your breath relate directly to more than just survival of the body, but to the true flowering of your psyche and spirit?

  • Balance your emotions
  • Quickly generate clarity and focus
  • Elicit altered states of perceptions
  • Release anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • Feel energized, alert and present in  minutes

“Inhale deeply and hold the breath and please say your prayer, asking for anything you desire from the inner Self. Let it go. Inhale again and hold the breath with reverence and pray to your own breath of life to give you health, wealth, and wisdom. Let it go. Inhale deeply with reverence, with love, and with your compassion and kindness. Please communicate with your breath that it must give you peace of mind, peace on Mother Planet Earth, and peace with God and his Creation. Let it go.” The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan