Flower of Life – The Pattern of our Being

I have spent some time recently thinking about how we operate and how we tend to think about life. It seems to me, that most of us think in sort of linear terms. A time line with a “before”…. a “now”….. and a “next”… into the future     

Not surprisingly, if you have ever talked to me, I do NOT think in these terms. I think in terms of bubbles. Actually, to be more precise, The Flower of Life.

If you are not familiar with this geometry, then you are in for a treat. The Flower of Life is at the very heart of creation itself, intertwined with our biology, our psychology and ecology, and yes, even our technology.

You see, at the moment of Creation itself, this was you.

Cell to Flower

A single cell begins to split, and forms new bubbles of itself, and then rapidly replicates, filling the whole world of itself with itself. This is so familiar to us all because it is what we still do – over and over and over again. We form new bubbles of being constantly, yet we try to smoosh it into a flat little line, a two dimensional shape. But it is not possible. It cannot be. Because we are Holographic.

So, when I see this shape, I think about our life and the things that we fill it with. We have a bubble for work, one for family, one for lovers and one for friends. We have one for hobbies, and creativity, for relaxation and for any number of God-knows-what  types of things. We fill our life with these bubbles of being and pretend that they don’t touch or influence each other because we squeezed them down into a flat line on a graph. But looked at from this gorgeous template of the Flower of Life, we begin to see all sorts of interconnectedness that is inescapable. Look at where these bubbles touch and you will see great points of connection that act like anchors to keep the whole sphere in place.

How strong are your anchors between your bubbles? Can you identify them within you now? For example, the way you treat your dog? Yeah, this intersects with kids and lovers, we get that. But the way we see ourselves as a whole is made up of these distinct bubbles and how they overlap and nestle in and pull against each other. If even one of these bubbles is a bit to rigid, it crowds out the other ones. If one is deflated, underdeveloped and flat, we feel it as a loss that the other parts of us try to compensate for. It’s a true dance of balance and of delicate form between these spheres, and looked at holistically, we begin to see all kinds of geometry within this shape that is breathtaking, and important to remember and revere.

Being in balance is not just a great yoga move, it is a personal healing tool that allows our relationships and work and creativity and abundance to all swim side by side in this multi-D way that grows us as a whole, and not just as the sum of our parts. It is a strength to nurture all of our being within. So our play is fed by our work, is warmed by our relationships and joined by our community.

So now, take your distinct bubble of your Flower of Being, and see it joined with the community of other bubbles around you, and the whole shebang starts to take on a much more generous view. You are your community. You are this Earth and every solitary thing on it does in fact and in deed, influence you in profound ways. You are one bubble touching and supporting, influencing and nurturing all the other bubbles around you.

Life and our being-ness within it cannot be reduced to a flat line wavering off into the distance. Nature is too crafty to be so linear. She curves and loops and swirls in her dance of creation, And yet, she is never wasteful. For the shape of the sphere and her bubbles within, is one of great strength.



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