The Sacred Circle Oils

Sacred Circle Oils  – Auric Field Spray

Sacred Circle Oils Auric Field Spray was originally created for my healing practice. I needed a safe and effective way to clear emotionally heavy, spiritually dark, or toxic thought patterns quickly and completely. Energies linger in-between sessions too, and begin to affect you as the practitioner of the healing arts. While it’s important to wash your hands in between sessions, there’s more to energy clearing than just cleaning germs.

Everything carries energy.

Your thoughts, feelings, relationships, even your jewelry and objects you use hold energetic imprints. Some of this energy is not even your own. Great folks routinely carry energies that are often less than great.

When your clients have an emotional release, what do you do to help them to come back and feel safe again? Not all people are comfortable with smoke, smudge or incense, nor can you always use fire in every situation. 

High-vibrational crystal & essential oil sprays are the perfect solution. Easy to use everywhere, even on children & babies, this spray has been a lifesaver for moms in labor, those feeling ill and needing soothing, during meditation or after yoga class, and especially for emotional traumas that trigger fear. It’s an excellent overall, daily “pick me up” for your energy field as well, that helps you to feel bright and rejuvenated anytime. I even carry it in my purse to refresh my skin in the summer!

Because it is such a delicious, light fragrance & a deeply soothing experience, my clients begged me to make some for them so that they could always have it with them everyday. (One woman even shared that her daughter said, “I can always tell when you just were with Kristen, Mommy. You come home feeling happy and smelling so good!” Awww. That’s the whole idea! 😉

These oils are suspended in pure herbal infusions with zero alcohol, so a quick shake before use will blend the oils with the crystals. I also recommend adding a feeling of gratitude while shaking the spray to assure that the vibe you share is always one of love and of the highest intentions for well being. It’s amazing to watch how a few spritz over the entire body causes a deep exhale and instant relaxation in my clients. Always remember to spray yourself with this elixir as well, so that you can continually radiate at your highest frequencies, and keep your auric field clean, clear, bright, and strong in every situation.

Sacred Circle Oils – Become more than just beautiful, become enlightened.

This fresh tonic revitalizes your auric field and is especially effective for dealing with high stress energies, toxic relationships and those sensitive to the feelings of others.  Useful for yourself, as well as your clients. Excellent energy clearing for in-between therapy sessions,  massage, Reiki, & other emotionally charged situations, clients or events.

  • The Auric Field Spray contains:

    • Infusion teas of Rosemary, Lavender, Blue Vervain
    • Enhanced with Herbal & Flower Essential oils of Geranium, Lavender and Mint
    • Including Reiki Activated Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, & Chrysocolia beads to be  worn after use.

Rosemary Tea has been used for millennia to support memory, focus and concentration, improve energetic circulation, and even gives healthy support to your hair. It gently stimulates the circulatory system improving blood flow, making it simultaneously restoring and rejuvenating, as it oxygenates the body, while supporting neural pathways in the brain.

Lavender Tea and Oil is uplifting, relaxing and beneficial for skin as well as soothing for your senses. It is perfect for relieving tension, insomnia, anxiety and headaches. Regular use shows an analgesic effect that makes your body & mind more resilient to painful situations. The wonderful antioxidant properties of lavender also help neutralize free radicals in the skin, healing signs of premature aging, inflammation and wrinkles.

Mint Tea & Oil has a popular, refreshing flavor, but also has soothing benefits for respiratory and breathing ailments as well. Mint is commonly used for ease of digestion, nausea and headache, but is an excellent soothing tonic for skin irritations and acne, reduces inflammation and skin irritations as well. Inhaling mint is an excellent remedy for mental sluggishness, anxiety or fatigue, and helps to focus the mind while increasing concentration. This wonder herb is cooling, relaxing and refreshing.

Geranium oil is a perfect beauty tonic! It brightens & tightens the skin, reduces scarring and skin discoloration by improving blood flow beneath the skin. It helps support an overall healthy immune system, and speeds healing by quickly regenerating skin cells. Geranium improves the brain’s functioning, and has deeply benefits symptoms of PMS, and is useful for the treatment of depression, anxiety and anger.

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True Beauty Stands the Test of Time

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