Ancient Timeline Workshops

Journey into Ancient Timelines Workshops


Great learning is still being taught to you from other times and places.

Sit in the ancient temples, and remember the timeless wisdom that is most relevant for you today. Visit Ancient Timelines Journeys as you meditate back beyond past-life into the Alternate Timelines of your soul.  Remember and reconnect to learning of these lands. Find what you have been searching for throughout the millennia. Come home to yourself through the stories of another life. 

Past life/ Alternate TImeline Meditation Journeys

During these powerful guided journeys:

  • Gather wisdom from the teachers & masters who support you throughout time.
  • Connect to sites, temples and ancient teachings. In the process, rediscover lost knowledge and wisdom.

Revisit your past. Renew your present

Who are these Journeys for?

These journeys are designed for anyone with an interest in deeper awareness in Spirituality, Cultural or Historical awareness into these fascinating timelines, as well as those who feel Spiritually connected to these times.

You will enjoy a deeply relaxing guided meditations combined with energy healing, chakra & timeline clearing plus re-alignment to your Higher Self and Source Energy.


Break for Journaling- After your journey, take the opportunity to record your experiences while they are still fresh and active in your awareness.

“Learn more about yourself in an afternoon, than you may have learned in a year.” 

– Kristen Eykel MHt.