Kristen Eykel Cht.
My mission is to live everyday as my best self. Focused on the horizon, yet present in the moment, while connecting with the Divine within, is my daily practice. Self-definition, focus & inner beauty are my recipe to creating a life that is rich, dynamic and empowering, for not just myself, but for my kids, family and the communities that I love.

Supermodel in Paris and TV Host for decades, author of 2 books, including Planning For Success, Kristen has honed her unique skills in Media, Shamanism & Yogic Science for the past 25 years to develop her successful healing program, The Definition Technique. She guides her clients to personal discovery through the tools she has honed, creating mental, emotional & energetic alignment, allowing them to re-define for themselves who they are and what truly matters.

A dynamic public speaker & frequent guest contributor for Voice America Radio Network, she has been a TV Host for decades, including My Own Time for The Oprah Winfrey Network. Creator of 6 Yoga DVDs, she has been featured in & on the cover of numerous magazines, among them Yoga Journal, Fit Pregnancy, & Health Magazine, and is a contributor to many media outlets for her expertise.

In 2014, she founded Sacred Circle Teachings, a Training & Mentorship academy devoted to empowering the teachers of tomorrow with the sacred knowledge of all time.

Kristen Eykel Defined

My career in the spotlight began as a beauty queen at age 12 and went on to elevate me as a Supermodel in Paris, London & Milan by age 22. My media career taught me to hold an even bigger stage as a top Commercial actress for decades in the United States and abroad and as a TV Host with my own show on numerous networks including The Oprah Winfrey Network, I have been blessed to represent billion dollar brands worldwide, and have interviewed & learned from some of the most talented & inspirational artists, performers, teachers and creators for decades.

My own personal journey into Energy, Yoga and Healing techniques began while I was still modeling, and taught me how to deepen my awareness and to own myself for the very first time. As a model, I was a commodity, but through my study, learned that I was a Spiritual being having a Human experience. From a young age, I was fascinated with religion which morphed into all forms of spirituality. I had the great blessing to study with incredible teachers, masters and gurus, training in Mexico, Spain & in the Amazon Rainforest. I became steeped in the traditional world of plant medicine and Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Dream techniques and Reiki healing. Altered states became my playground and training ground for the greatest altered state of all, the Maya of “normal” life.

Now, as a combination of Teacher, Communicator & Performer, I deeply understand what makes teachers into leaders, and creators into mentors. My mission is to inspire you to become the creator of your own life, and a mentor for the communities and the next generations that you love.

Together with meditations & discussion, practices, trainings & techniques, I share with you some of the highest definitions of self and human awareness available today, and give you the chance to elevate what matters most in your life.

Go beyond Wellness into Wholeness. Go beyond Ideas into Inspirations. Go beyond what you were taught and choose who you will become.

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