Yoga for Transformation Course

Discover that yoga is much more than a sweaty stretch class.

In this first lesson of  Yoga for Transformation, learn how you can magnetize your life with overflowing  joy and abundance worth practicing for!

The science of Kundalini Yoga isn’t about stretching at all.

It’s not about being vegan, or super limber.

It’s actually a discipline for a healthy way of thinking, feeling  & living that elevates your consciousness and every aspect of your life.

In this video, discover:

  • The magic of choosing the right words to create your reality
  • Simple hand gestures you can do anywhere that change your brainwaves instantly
  • The number one thing you can do right now to save your life & elevate your physical well being.
  • Yoga doesn’t even need a yoga mat

Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana Into Awareness. 6 weeks that can literally change everything.

I get it. 2020 was super challenging for a variety of reasons. Between fear of the future, uncomfortability in the present and breakdowns in social norms everywhere, what can you rely on in times like these?


YOU are still here. You are the common denominator of everything in your life. You are the one who has the keys to your own kingdom, if you could just remember where they are…..

  • Maybe you need to lose weight and get your body feeling stronger?
  • Or perhaps you are burning to start a new career or side hustle to bring in extra income?
  • How about having relationships that are meaningful and brings tears to your eyes in gratitude?
  • Or unlocking your creativity in ways that fill your life with beauty and excitement?
  • What if you could feel true passion in your body and spirit in ways that make your love life a love story?

Whatever it is in your life that you seek to change – ALL OF IT is sourced from within you. Yoga for Transformation gives you the keys to unlock it all while stimulating the new thinking necessary to help you finally get over the hump that has kept you back. You can manifest your desires, but the old tools that dug the hole you are in, can never dig you out of it! Yoga for Transformation gives you new tools for transformation.

When everything is changing, you must also adapt!

Yoga for Transformation is a complete mental, emotional, physical & spiritual system designed to teach you the resilience, dignity, grace and passion that strengthens the very foundation of your life with meaning, purpose and influence.

Did you know that:

  • Rigid, stuck thinking is a huge contributing factor to your pain and suffering?
  • Your body can produce the perfect combination of hormones & generate new nervous system pathways that easily & naturally stimulate you to experience more energy, better sleep and greater productivity?
  • You can rewrite the mental soundtrack, or the “mantra” you repeat to yourself over and over again into an awesome new dance track that makes you feel motivated and passionate everyday?

You can and you will through the 42-day practice of Yoga for Transformation, 

How does it work? 

Yoga for Transformation is a daily, do-it-yourself practice with an easy to follow digital manual, weekly video meditations and reflections that help you to mark the transformations & milestones of your journey as you progress. To make it even more pleasurable, I’ll share each day’s practice to your inbox, including a recording of your daily meditation practice, so that you can listen along and be reminded of your commitment often as you like throughout your day!

Each day, you will enjoy one simple practice from the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga. This morning routine begins to inform your whole day and colors the actions you take, the words you speak and the thoughts you generate. In combination, each new choice made each new day layers your practices, strengthening you, moving you towards enriching, loving & self-supportive experiences that eliminate the need for the self-sabotaging limitations of your past.

  • You will find new ways to think about old problems, and may even begin to shed them one-by-one.
  • You will re-examine your most important relationships and discover how to support them, or shift them into a higher gear.
  • You will find a new sense of enthusiasm and remember what matters most in your life.
  • You will eliminate the old, outdated metrics of success, and instead discover how unstoppable success is your inherent nature & birthright.

To make your program even more powerful, I’m offering 6 weeks of live Zoom group calls that give you in-depth coaching and one-on-one practical support for your unique journey of evolution.

Living in fear manifests more fear. In fact, the energy that you feel in each & every moment is the fertilizer for the next moment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can Yoga for Transformation make me feel better?
    • When you use the postures and the practice every day, you begin tap into abundant energy every day via your central nervous system working in harmony with your mind. Where the mind goes, the energy flows! 
  • Will this help me overcome my anxiety?
    • When you replace fear & hesitation, with curiosity and enthusiasm, anxiety doesn’t stand a chance. 
  • What is the Kundalini? 
    • The Kundalini energy is a stimulating integration of the Cerebrospinal Fluid, your Pituitary Gland and Central Nervous System all working together in ways that most daily habits actually diminish!  The awakening of the Kundalini pathway. increases your ability for higher thought and deeper physical experience naturally.
  • How can I get better sleep?
    • Deep sleep as a function of healthy living. When you know that you are the one in the driver’s seat of your life, sleep becomes something to look forward to each night. 
  • My relationship to my partner is such a struggle. How can this get better when it’s been tough for so long?
    • When you can better learn to honor your own needs & trust your own feelings, improved communications with your most important relationships naturally begin to emerge. 
  • I have struggled with self-esteem for years. How does Yoga for Transformation support me?
    • Learning to feel self-confidence & deep loving, self respect is a learnable habit! One that overrides the old habit you had held which kept you trapped in the loop of low confidence. 
  • I know my life has meaning & purpose, but it’s so hard to know where to find it!
    • Create a sense of knowing who you are & what matters most to you by learning to listen to your  inner wisdom. You already have this voice, but learning to trust it is the key you discover that unlocks your own, unique purpose.

Reshape the landscape of your life, in just 5 minutes a day.

Habitual tendencies & beliefs that cause doubt, make you sell yourself short, and keep you stuck are rapidly shifted in 6 weeks with a 5 minute, daily practice of Yoga for Transformation.

Instead, this blending of unique mental, vibratory, auditory and physical systems cause you to feel:

  • A calm, self-assured identity that is magnetic
  • A palpable sense of confidence
  • Deep self-reliance 
  • Personal mastery that allows you to stay present
  • Focus & balance in every situation of your life

Just like learning to eat better is a long-term solution & not a crash diet, Yoga for Transformation is a life practice, one rooted in the ancient science of yoga, but purposefully integrated for the unique demands of our current time.

Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Discover what your soul craves! 

Yoga for Transformation embodies the discipline of yoga in a whole new way that generates a cohesive body, mind, and spirit, while exponentially expanding you from your soul level outwards.

Recreate your outside life from the inside, and hone a new way of thinking to energize a new habit of Being.

Are you ready to learn the truth?

Most people think yoga is an exercise routine that you do on a mat, a way to get more limber or reduce stress. Yoga is actually a 5,000-year-old science. Not just what you do on a mat, it’s a fully integrated system in how to live a supple, balanced life by creating a balanced mind and heart. To attain enlightenment in this lifetime, learn how to become honest to your soul.

Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Yoga for Transformation techniques create a new habit of excellence that generates a more satisfying and passionate way of being. New achievement and awareness naturally emerge as a result of identifying and shifting the old habits that had been holding you back.

People also report:

  • Increased Intuition.
  • Feelings of being present in every situation of life, not just watching another year pass you by.
  • Improved communication in all  relationships, from the most intimate and to the community 
  • Recognition and personal ownership that you are the creator of the life you experience.
  • The ability to understand what you truly desire, (which are different from whims or wants) and support creating the roadmap to experience it.

Join Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana into Awareness. The 6-week course you practice for the rest of your life.

You’ll receive:

  • 6 weekly video reviews that give you deeper, practical understanding of each week’s progress.
  • My famous guided meditations that help illuminate your progress and deepen your understanding of these concepts.
  • Demonstration videos that make learning Pranayama simple.
  • Discovery & transformation of your limiting habits and beliefs into a sense of freedom and expansion in only 42 days!
  • BONUS  – Audio Recordings to listen to each day’s practice as often as you desire.
  • BONUS  – Daily emails that promote easy integration of your new mindset. 
Kristen Eykel, Yoga, Awareness, Satisfaction, Healthy Body, Coaching

Add the Kindle or Paperback Manual

As a spiritual being who has done the work, do you still believe in even the tiniest ways that the reason you feel stuck, anxious, angry or afraid is somehow outside of you? That you are powerless in the face of obstacles to truly live in the harmony and peace you crave?

I totally understand! In fact, in this time of massive upheaval and change, it can be easy to slide back into those places we thought we had outgrown. Because I have spent over 30 years learning how to reshape my own habits of struggle and fear, I will guide you in only 5 minutes a day to easily awaken new awareness in your life. Become the creator of your experience in only 42 days. Overcome bad habits, release beliefs of lack or limitation, and awaken your knowing of what truly matters most in your unique life.

She helped me reveal to myself my own powerful healing abilities, and has opened up new and exciting possibilities for my life and work. Even though the circumstances of my day-to-day life have not changed dramatically (still have work, kids, husband, etc.), the way I go through it all is radically different– with more confidence, grace, gratitude, hope, and love.
Dr. Bergen Nelson
Through her program, classes and guidance, I now have tools to get through anything that comes my way. I have learned how to breathe and focus. I have learned how to get through stressful issues and how to prevent anxiety from taking over, allowing myself to move forward and be a better me so that I can be a better mother to my children and a better person to those around me. I am grateful to have these tools and this book to refer to for extra support in my life.
Tehila Koshki
Kristen has created a symphony of beautiful tools which are perfect for this time in the world. While I consider Kristen a dear friend of mine, I can vouch for her being a friend to you as well. Authentic and Supportive. I highly recommend Kristen’s work.
Karena VirginiaSpiritual Teacher, Healer and author of “Essential Kundalini Yoga”