Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana Into Awareness :  Streamlining Excellence in 6 week program.

You desire to step into your excellence, to cultivate a life filled with possibility and brilliance.

To experience a deep sense of satisfaction in Self, with a healthy body and mind.

Imagine your stress levels dropping, better sleep, improved communication in your most important relationships. Building confidence and self-esteem into an Integrated Self. Creating more clarity within you and in your choices than you may have ever known before.

Imagine that feeling that you love after a deep yoga or meditation practice staying with you throughout your entire day, rather than diminishing the moment you get back to your car. Imagine instead, that you can carry this feeling with you into every circumstance and situation for the rest of the day, developing a new experience  of focus and of consistent well-being, even in scenarios that would normally leave you feeling stressed and anxious.

How amazing would it feel to cultivate this so that it grows into becoming a new way of life, becoming a powerful new habit that supports and energizes you everyday in any situation?

We all want to understand the core of our individuality, our own personal operating system. You know that a calm, confident, self-assured identity is magnetic, and this personal sense of confidence will create a deep self reliance and mastery that allows you to stay calm and balanced in every situation of life. How are you going to take what you sense really matters and put it into action so that you can finally know “YES, I am on my path doing exactly what I was born to do!” it if you can’t see it?

Our lack of self esteem shows up with poor eating or sleeping habits, or by becoming cynical or pessimistic. We procrastinate & doubt the very things we know that we need to do in order to progress our life in the directions that we desire. Constant frustrations are actually masking your insecurities.

Yoga for Transformation can completely reshape the landscape of your life. From stress and fatigue to energized awareness and abundant creativity. From stagnation and feeling trapped in a loop, to that sense of finally breaking free to establish yourself in ways that have up till now, felt stuck at the dream or planning stage for far too long.

Yoga for Transformation is a life practice, one rooted in the ancient science of yoga but integrated for a throughly modern approach. Where you learn to expand that space that you feel on the mat, and carry it forward into every aspect of your life off of it.

Yogis, meditators and spirit seekers who desire to begin a practice or deepen one, learn how to imbue new concepts and ideas easily and simply into everyday life with only 5 minutes every morning.

Reimagine life as it is, to one you deeply desire it to be, then create the foundation and the framework to achieving it. In only 42 days, you create a new habit of excellence by breaking the old habits that actively prevent it.

Learn techniques that assist you in peering behind the curtain of your limiting beliefs. Understand that these generate the very tendencies that you have used to create the experiences that drag you down.

Learn to fortify your foundation, so that you can continue to build upon it forever, higher and higher because where you choose to go has no end.

Yoga for Transformation is a cellular, soul-level practice that generates a cohesive body, mind and spirit. Only when you create this solid triumvirate state, can your inner foundation be strong. This is what builds the fabric of a life filled beyond simply 3D, but manifests the experience of a faceted, multi-dimensional existence. Exponentially expanding you from your soul level outwards.

Invest in your self, in your health and your wellbeing for the long haul. Recreate your life from the inside out, and create not just a new way of thinking, but an entirely new habitual way of Being.

Yoga for Transformation is a 6 week daily practice of a unique mental, vibratory, auditory and physical system that will break the habitual tendencies and beliefs that cause you doubt yourself, sell yourself short, and keep you stuck. You will finally discover what your Superpowers already are, and break the cycle of lack and limitation that have created the circumstance as you now experience it. You expand the awareness of who you and generate a life that you are passionate about living. This transformation helps you to see, and then break the negative tendencies of limitation. You will learn that the world you dream about is already within you, or you would not be feeling its pull.

Are you ready to learn the truth? Most people think yoga is an exercise routine that you do on a mat, a way to get more limber or reduce stress. Yoga is actually a 5,000 year old science and it is not just what you do on the mat, but is a full system in how to live your life. Enlightenment will never come by comparison with another, or by inflating your ego to be more “spiritual” than someone else. It comes by being honest to your soul.

First, you must find your habits of limitation. Yoga for Transformation techniques assist you with a new habit of excellence that becomes a much more satisfying and passionate way of being. You generate a new achievement and awareness naturally as a result.

You will experience:

  • Increased Intuition.
  • Feelings of being present in every situation of life, not just watching it pass by.
  • Improved communication in all of your relationships, from the most intimate to the community around you.
  • Self-mastery and personal ownership as the creator of your life.
  • The ability to understand what you truly want, and how to create the roadmap to get there.

Everything that you want to feel and experience is already available within you, but if you are creating a habit of driving to what you DON”T want, you will never arrive at what you do. You can keep driving down the same old avenues and get the same old results that you can’t stand, or you can evolve it into the Roadmap for your future that you sense is possible, but has not been designed yet.

I’ve created a system, a potent combination of yoga and hypnotherapy techniques combined to awaken you to a new experience of your life, one with you as the creator of it. Specific affirmations combine with yoga mudra, breath, meditations, and a journaling practice every day for 42 days that work synergistically to break down your bad habits and beliefs of lack and limitation, and set you up for freedom from them.

Join Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana into Awareness. The 6 week course you practuce for the rest of your life.

  • Option 1- Purchase the manual for a simple, stand alone program.
  • Option 2 – Join the e-course on-demand. You’ll receive your e-book manual, plus 6 weeks of video insights and my famous guided meditations to pinpoint your progress each week. These weekly videos help you to stay on track and elevate your practice. You can start today!
  • Option 3 – Honor yourself, & go deeper with 6 LIVE group coaching calls with me that super-power each week’s practice, in addition to your full video course. (Personal coaching with me is worth over $1000 alone!) Get targeted insights, grow in community with others who share this dedication to self-mastery and transform your awareness in 42 days! Join now and reserve your spot for the next scheduled LIVE event, Space is limited, so that I may work more deeply with you & give you my best coaching and personal support. 

“She helped me reveal to myself my own powerful healing abilities, and has opened up new and exciting possibilities for my life and work. Even though the circumstances of my day-to-day life have not changed dramatically (still have work, kids, husband, etc.), the way I go through it all is radically different– with more confidence, grace, gratitude, hope, and love.” – Dr. Bergen Nelson

“Kristen has created a symphony of beautiful tools which are perfect for this time in the world. While I consider Kristen a dear friend of mine, I can vouch for her being a friend to you as well. Authentic and Supportive. I highly recommend Kristen’s work. ~ Karena Virginia ~ Spiritual Teacher, Healer and author of “Essential Kundalini Yoga”

“Through her program, classes and guidance, I now have tools to get through anything that comes my way. I have learned how to breathe and focus. I have learned how to get through stressful issues and how to prevent anxiety from taking over, allowing myself to move forward and be a better me so that I can be a better mother to my children and a better person to those around me. By reading the daily affirmations and meditating like she has taught me, I am able to now do this on my own, even though I know she will always be there to help. I am grateful to have these tools and this book to refer to for extra support in my life.” – Tehila Koshki


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  • Daily Journaling
  • Yogic Postures, Breathing & Concepts
  • Affirmation of the Day

Yoga for Transformation

6-week online e-course
  • Access your course online immediately
  • Digital Book Download
  • Weekly Video Review & Meditation
  • Intuition & Relaxation techniques
  • Yogic Postures, Breathing & Concepts

Yoga for Transformation

First call goes LIVE 3/1/18 10:30am PST
  • 6 Live Weekly Coaching Calls accelerate your progress
  • Access your daily course online
  • Digital Book Download
  • Weekly Video Reviews & Meditations
  • Intuition & Relaxation techniques
  • Yogic Postures, Breathing & Concepts
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